21 Year Old Spokane Man Accidentally Released From Jail Sent To Prison For Pullman Crime Spree And Eluding

The 21 year old Spokane man who was accidentally released from jail in Colfax is heading to prison for conducting a Pullman crime spree and trying to elude officers.

Dantae Billings pleaded guilty to felony eluding and possession of stolen property in Whitman County Superior Court on Friday morning.  Billings was sentenced to the maximum 18 months in prison by Court Commissioner Doug Robinson.

Billings and 21 year old Kaitlyn Corkins also of Spokane conducted several car burglaries in Pullman last winter.  Pullman Police spotted Billings and Corkins driving and tried to stop their vehicle.  Billings failed to pullover and led police on a dangerous car chase and nearly hit several cars including patrol vehicles.  He drove through the Birch and Barley parking lot during the chase.  Billings sped through Colfax at 80 MPH.  Officers were forced to end the chase as required by Washington state law at the time.  Billings and Corkins eventually ran out of gas in Southern Spokane County and were arrested by the Washington State Patrol.

Billings was accidentally released from the Whitman County Sheriff’s Office in jail in late January.  He was eventually arrested in Spokane County and was returned to the Colfax jail last month.

Corkins also pleaded guilty in her case and was sent to prison for 18 months.