35 Year Old Pullman Woman Charged In Armed Robbery Arrested On Warrant After Failing To Return To Jail From Medical Furlough

The 35-year-old Pullman woman accused of robbing a Garfield man at gunpoint has been arrested on a nationwide warrant after she failed to return to jail after a medical furlough.

Gavriel Hernandez was arrested in Spokane over the weekend and was transported back to the Whitman County Jail in Colfax on Monday.  Hernandez was given a one-week medical furlough from jail by Whitman County Superior Court Judge Gary Libey in October.  At the end of the furlough, Hernandez claimed in court that she couldn’t go back to jail because she needed to be on bed rest.  She walked out of her court hearing to review her purported doctor’s note and failed to check herself back into the jail.  A nationwide arrest warrant with 100,000 dollars bond was issued for Hernandez.  She faces robbery and theft charges for allegedly robbing a Garfield man at gunpoint inside his home in early September.  Similar charges are pending against 37-year-old Roy Valdez of Pullman in the same case.  Valdez has remained in custody since the couple was arrested.