35 Year Old Pullman Woman Pleads Guilty In Armed Robbery & Stolen Vehicle Cases

The 35-year-old Pullman woman accused of taking part in an armed robbery and multiple stolen vehicle cases has pleaded guilty.

Gavriel Hernandez pleaded guilty to felony residential burglary, car theft, and possession of stolen property in Whitman County Superior Court on Friday morning.  Hernandez took part in the armed robbery of a Garfield man inside his residence in September.  Prosecutor Denis Tracy told the court that the robbery involved a drug deal gone bad.  Hernandez has agreed to cooperate with the prosecution’s case against her boyfriend 37-year-old Roy Valdez of Pullman who allegedly took part in the robbery.

Hernandez also pleaded guilty in two stolen vehicle cases.  She was caught with stolen cars twice in Pullman last spring.  She is set to be sentenced next month.

Hernandez remains in the Whitman County Jail in Colfax without bond.  She failed to turn herself back into jail following a medical furlough in October.  Hernandez was arrested on a warrant in Spokane in November.