37 Year Old Albion Woman Accused Of Providing 13 Year Old Girls With “Highly Potent” Marijuana Wanted On An Arrest Warrant

An arrest has been issued for the 37-year-old Albion woman accused of providing marijuana to 13-year-old girls.

Catherynne Starks didn’t show up to her hearing Friday in Whitman County Superior Court.  Starks was scheduled to possibly plead guilty.  A warrant with a 5,000 dollar bond has been issued for her arrest.

Starks was initially arrested by the Whitman County Sheriff’s Office in mid-November.  Whitman County Prosecutor Denis Tracy told the court that she allegedly provided “highly potent” marijuana to multiple 13-year-old girls.  Starks is charged with three felony counts of distributing a controlled substance to someone under the age of 18.

Catherynne Starks During Her First Court Appearance November 2023