A Whitman County Coronavirus Death Reported Over The Weekend-New Data Shows Coronavirus Activity By Community-Data Indicates Low Coronavirus Activity In Pullman

A Whitman County coronavirus death was reported over the weekend.  Whitman County Public Health reports that there have been 35 coronavirus deaths among local residents in Washington since the pandemic began.

The agency has for the first time released detailed coronavirus case numbers by community per 100,000 people.  The data shows that coronavirus activity in Pullman over the past 2 weeks is at 244 per 100,000 people.  There were 82 new cases in Pullman during that time.

Whitman County Public Health is now comparing new cases by community with that town’s percentage of Whitman County’s population.  The agency says that towns that have a percentage of the county’s new cases that’s higher than their population percentage is an indicator of high coronavirus activity.  Towns with a percentage of the county’s new cases that’s less than their percentage of the county’s population is an indicator of low coronavirus activity.

That metric indicates that the coronavirus activity in Pullman is low as the community accounts for 42% of Whitman County’s recent cases while accounting for 67% of the county’s population.  That same metric indicates that coronavirus activity in Colfax and Tekoa is high based on the data from the last 2 weeks.

The coronavirus activity for Whitman County as a whole over the past 2 weeks is holding steady in the high range at 391 per 100,000 people.

There were 47 new cases of coronavirus confirmed in Whitman County over the holiday weekend and on Tuesday.  Most of the new patients are in the age groups 39 and younger.  Two are over 80 years old.  There have been 3,036 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Whitman County since the pandemic began.

Whitman County and the entire State of Washington has moved into the next phase of coronavirus shots.  The new phase 1B includes people 65 and older.  You can learn more about getting the coronavirus vaccine here http://findyourphasewa.org