Pet Dryers, Pedal-Powered Appliances, and Other Innovations

Try Poaching Fish in Your Dishwasher, Too!

Over the years, Howard Hughes Appliance, Television, and Sleep Shop has introduced consumers to surprising innovations in the realm of home appliances.

Some of the more notable breakthroughs in recent years:

  • Pet drying attachments for clothes dryers
  • Pedal-powered appliances for the fitness-minded
  • Self-cleaning refrigerators
  • Holographic Transport Television (HTTV)
  • Surprising new uses for microwave ovens
  • Culinary delights from your dishwasher

These products, accessories, and applications are typically introduced on April 1st of each year.  For listeners who may have missed these announcements, we’re pleased to provide a representative sampling below.

For more information on these exciting household products, please contact Howard Hughes Appliance in Moscow at (208) 882-2123.


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