Annual WSU Holiday Shopping Survey Finds Pacific Northwesterners Prefer Brick-and-Mortar Stores

An annual Washington State University survey finds that in-store holiday shopping is more popular than online shopping among Pacific Northwesterners.

The 3rd annual holiday retail survey from WSU’s Carson College of Business is out.  It found that 43% of people in the Northwest prefer to shop brick-and-mortar stores for the holidays.  Only 17% preferred to shop online.  81% of Pacific Northwest residents say local and small businesses provide better service than big box retailers.

Eastern Washington residents appear to be more in tune with mom and pop shops than those living in Western Washington.  The survey found that 72% of Eastern Washingtonians are familiar with Small Business Saturday compared to 61% of West side residents.

The WSU holiday shopping survey involved over 1,700 people living in the Northwest.