April Fool’s Day Radio Commercials

Enjoy a chuckle, courtesy of Howard Hughes Appliance, TV, and Sleep Shop

For the past seven years, Don Frei at Howard Hughes Appliance, Television, and Sleep Shop has celebrated April 1st by injecting a little levity into our listeners’ lives with a selection of commercials about fanciful products to improve their lives. I’ve had the pleasure of writing and producing these spots with Don and his co-workers at the store.

When we introduced the first ads in 2014, the store received dozens of phone calls and visits from listeners responding to the campaign. Most of them simply wanted to thank Don for giving them something to enjoy. But a few wanted to learn more about the “products” being advertised!

Some of my personal favorites over the years:

  • pet-drying attachment for clothes dryers
  • self-cleaning refrigerator
  • BBQ dryer sheets
  • refrigerator/freezer planters
  • fun with microwave oven (including “Peep-jousting”)

This year, Don is introducing a new accessory for digital televisions, the Remote-a-Roma®.  Just press play to hear all about it.


Happy April 1st from an advertiser who enjoys sharing a little levity with our listeners, and from all of us at your Pullman Radio Stations.

Want to hear a few more?  Click here.



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