Best-selling Wizard of Ads®Trilogy – FREE!

I’ve read and reread the books in their original published format and more recently have enjoyed listening to the audio versions on multiple CD’s.  I’ve also purchased copies of his books and his DVD, The Most Common Mistakes in Advertising (worth its weight in gold, without qualification) to give to clients.

If you’ve never read his books, here is an opportunity you really should jump on while you can.  Roy has made his famous Wizard Trilogy: THE WIZARD OF ADS, SECRET FORMULAS OF THE WIZARD OF ADS, and MAGICAL FORMULAS OF THE WIZARD OF ADS, available FREE in both a print (.pdf) format and an audio (.mp3) format.  A quick search on “Wizard of Ads” at Amazon will show you what these books and audiobooks would set you back if you were to purchase them there.

If you’re in business, marketing, or sales, go get them now.  Seriously. The chapters are bite-sized and easy to digest. And the content is so good, you’ll find it hard to stop at just one. The .mp3 versions are particularly nice, since they can be burned to CD or copied to your iPod or iPhone, so you can listen while you’re driving between appointments or doing chores on weekends.


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