Black Bear Hunter Accidentally Shoots And Kills Grizzly Bear In Idaho Panhandle Region

A hunter accidentally shot a grizzly bear in the Idaho Panhandle Region that he mistook for a black bear.

Idaho Fish and Game reports that the hunter shot and killed the grizzly in Unit 6 on June 10th.  The hunter contacted authorities and is cooperating with the investigation.

Grizzlies aren’t commonly found in Unit 6 which includes portions of Latah, Benewah, Clearwater and Shoshone Counties.  Officials are reminding hunters to make sure they make property identification before firing at their target.  Grizzlies are a protected species under both federal and state law.  Grizzly bears typically have short, rounded ears, a dished facial profile, a prominent shoulder hump and two to four inch long claws.

Map Of Unit 6