On Creativity

July 28, 2022
“That’s really creative—I like it!” For an ad writer, getting that kind of reaction to a new spot or campaign idea brings joy-joy feelings. But what makes someone creative? Is it innate or learned behavior? What exactly is creativity? I Googled it and this is what popped up: cre·a·tiv·i·ty /ˌkrēāˈtivədē/ noun the […]

“Make Us Famous”

July 1, 2022
Early in his snarky, whip-smart analysis of what advertising can and cannot do for a business or brand, veteran adman Bob Hoffman asks:   – Why do some actors get million dollar fees for appearing in movies while other equally good actors get nothing?   – Why do some people get […]

Dissmore’s IGA: a Memorable Advertising Partnership

June 8, 2022
  For most of its 85-year history, Dissmore’s IGA was owned and operated by members of the Dissmore family: founder Guy Dissmore, his son Chester, and grandson Mark. The store grew and prospered under three generations of Dissmore family stewardship. In May, 1998, it was announced that Dissmore’s IGA would […]

Celebrate Our Local Independent Retailers in July – Independents Month

May 31, 2022
We love celebrating Independence Day, especially here in Pullman, now that our annual Pullman Community Fourth of July Celebration is returning to Sunnyside Park with food, live music, and the big fireworks show synchronized to music broadcast on New Country 104.3. But there’s another celebration that takes place throughout the […]

The Era of The Ear

May 1, 2022
Despite the many constraints of lockdowns and pandemic living, there are two parts of us that have never had it so good. I refer, of course, to our ears.   As anyone who has worked in radio will tell you, our ears have historically been an underestimated part of the […]

With a Voice Like This…

April 19, 2022
I recently recorded Dan Foreman, who once again is running for the Idaho State Senate in the May primary election. Here’s one of his spots. If my wife and I hadn’t recently watched Ken Burns’ excellent two-part documentary film on Benjamin Franklin, I might not have picked up on this.  […]

Bringing You a Smile on April 1st

March 28, 2022
Every year at this time, I get to do something extra special—and thoroughly enjoyable, as Don Frei, co-owner of Howard Hughes Appliance, Television, and Sleep Shop, and I collaborate on creating radio commercials that play just one day a year. April 1st. Their purpose is simply to bring a smile, […]

What Are YOU Known For?

January 10, 2022
(The following appeared deep in the Rabbit Hole of the Monday Morning Memo by Roy H. Williams, dated January 10, 2022. It was penned by Wizard of Ads® Partner, Johnny Molson.) Strategy before tactics is not controversial.  I’d go as far as to say it’s not debatable. You can’t implement a plan […]

Meet Your Listeners/Customers Where They Are

December 18, 2021
This article was originally published in Williams’ Monday Morning Memo (10/4/21) and reprinted in RadioInk (11/8/21). Understanding the distinction between transactional and relational customers is vitally important for business owners and advertising professionals alike, and no one I know has explained this as well as Roy H. Williams, the Wizard […]

“After Losing $31,946 we grew tired of feeling privileged.”

August 9, 2021
Roy H. Williams’ Monday Morning Memo for August 9, 2021 is too important not to share. -RS Branded vs. Unbranded Keywords August 9, 2021 Listen A branded keyword is one in which the name of your company appears. When a customer types the name of your company into a search string, […]
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