Causes Of Monday’s Devastating Wildfires In Whitman County Under Investigation-Fire Outside Colfax Burned 2K Acres

The causes of Monday’s devastating wildfires in Whitman County are under investigation.

The Babb Fire that ravaged Malden and Pine City started in Southern Spokane County.  Whitman County officials report that the Babb Fire burned about 15 miles and 2 miles wide.

The Manning Fire outside Colfax in the Palouse River Canyon burned about 2,000 acres.  Officials in Olympia report that state mobilized crews on the Manning Fire outside Colfax have been unable to confirm yet if any primary residences were damaged or destroyed.  The historic Manning Covered Bridge was destroyed in the fire.  Crews there are hoping to survey the fire scene with a drone soon to assess property losses.

Fire officials in Olympia say the cause of both of the state mobilized blazes are under investigation.

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