Celebrate Our Local Independent Retailers in July – Independents Month

Independent Businesses are the Backbone of Our Community!

We love celebrating Independence Day, especially here in Pullman, now that our annual Pullman Community Fourth of July Celebration is returning to Sunnyside Park with food, live music, and the big fireworks show synchronized to music broadcast on New Country 104.3.

But there’s another celebration that takes place throughout the month of July, Independents Month — a time to recognize and show our appreciation for all the independent retailers, the “mom and pop stores” that add vibrancy and vitality to our local communities.  From the venerable Hodgins Drug and Hobby in downtown Moscow (in existence since 1890!) to the more recently established Noshies beer, wine, and cheese shop in downtown Pullman, independent retailers like these are worth discovering, exploring, and celebrating.  And July is a great time to do it, when business tends to be a little slower than during the school year.

We hope our listeners will make it a point to visit our local independent retail businesses during July, simply to get better acquainted with them.

Likewise, we encourage our friends in business to make a special effort to reach out to local residents, to invite them into your stores, and to make the most of the opportunity.  You’ll both be the better for it!

Here are some promotional thought-starters from www.indieretailermonth.com:

  • Bonus buck: Give customers a $1 coupon for every $10 they spend in your store in July. The coupon is redeemable in August.

  • Happy hour: Offer red, white and blue cookies/cupcakes with refreshments to promote the ‘independent’ touch. You could also contact an independent restaurant to partner and provide some light bites.

  • Badges: Create campaign buttons for your staff to wear with the message: “Proud to be independent.”

  • In-store event: Bring your community together by hosting an Independent Retailer Month kick-off event, in-store gathering and/or special promotion to celebrate your customers and local supporters.

  • Meet and greet: Invite your customers to meet brand owners/representatives to your store.

  • Beauty treats: Team up with an independent salon/spa in your community and offer customers in-store pampering.

  • Goodie bags: Give with certain purchases or to new customers.

  • Community talent: Support local designers, artists and/or DJ’s by hosting a joint in-store activity.

  • Run a contest: Offer the chance for one lucky winner and friends to have a private shopping party.

  • Shopping crawl: Team up with neighboring independent retailers to host a shopping crawl providing a map and prizes for participants.

  • Drop and shop: Invite customers to donate lightly worn clothing/shoes in-store for a local cause such as Dress for Success and receive an exclusive deal in store that day.

  • Charity giving: Offer to make a donation of 10% of the purchase price for each customer to a local community charity.

  • Check-in deals: Offer every shopper that “checks in” or tags to your store on social media an exclusive promotion in store.

  • Online coupons: Offer exclusive promotions on your website that are redeemable in store only.

  • Media outreach: Proudly promote your involvement with Independent Retailer Month on your Pullman Radio Stations and in social media to encourage everyone to visit you in July!

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