City Of Pullman Arts Commission Supports Wall Mural With Local Black Lives Matter Group-Chair Says No City Money Will Be Used

The Pullman Arts Commission is recommending that city council move forward with a proposed mural with the local Black Lives Matter group.

The commission voted unanimously during their meeting Tuesday to pursue the idea.  You can listen to Commissioner Katie Bunch Emerson’s comment by clicking on the audio file below.

Commission Chair Jeri Harris told the members that city funds would not be used for the mural.

The commission also agreed that the mural shouldn’t be painted on a street because of maintenance and vandalism concerns.  The commissioners agreed that the project should be a wall mural.  The group proposed possibly painting a mural on the concrete retaining wall on Spring Street at Main Street downtown or on the water tower next to the high school on Military Hill.

Local leaders of BLM approached Pullman City Council with their request last month.  The group has an online petition entitled “Demand a Black Lives Matter Mural in Downtown Pullman.”  The petition calls for a street mural.

Pullman City Council was supportive of the idea, but some members voiced concern with the national leaders of BLM.  Local group organizers told council they would consider not using the phrase Black Lives Matter on a mural.  The question of whether or not to use that phrase wasn’t discussed by the city’s arts commission.

Commissioners did agree that coming up with a mural will take some time.  Pullman City Council will make the final decision.

There was no public comment during Tuesday night’s arts commission meeting.  Public input about a possible mural will be accepted at a future meeting.