City Of Pullman Proposed Airbnb Restrictions Moves To Planning Commission Wednesday Night

The City of Pullman’s plan to crack down on a popular side hustle moves to the planning commission starting on Wednesday night.

The city’s community development department has drafted six pages of regulations to restrict short-term rentals like Airbnb’s.  The proposal was crafted at the request of the city’s planning commission.  The proposed restrictions include requiring permits, rules for online advertising, occupancy restrictions, proof that all taxes have been paid, and that operators have a business license with the State of Washington.  Other draft regulations require inspections, a 350 dollar initial application fee, and a 150 dollar annual renewal fee.  The proposal also requires short-term rental operators to have a property manager available within half an hour’s drive of Pullman.

Short-term rentals are illegal in the City of Pullman unless an operator has a Conditional Use Permit from the city’s hearing examiner.  Only a handful of short-term rentals in the city have applied for and been granted a CUP.  The side hustle has become popular in Pullman with about 100 current listings on Airbnb inside the city.

The city’s planning commission will begin reviewing the draft restrictions during a workshop on Wednesday at 7:00 inside Pullman City Hall.  The short-term rental draft rules are part of a larger effort to update city code.  The commission will make a recommendation to Pullman City Council during a later meeting after a formal public hearing is held.  The commission chair might allow the public to comment about the proposed restrictions during Wednesday’s workshop.  The meeting is in-person only and will not be streamed online.

You can read the draft regulations starting at page 217 at the link below$file/PCC%20Title%2017_EDITS.pdf