City Of Pullman’s First Salary Commission Nearly Doubles Pay For Councilmembers-Mayor’s Salary Increased As Well

The City of Pullman’s first Salary Commission has nearly doubled the pay of city’s councilmembers.

The commission met on Wednesday morning to set the salaries for Pullman’s mayor and council.  The group was presented with an analysis of elected officials pay in comparable cities in Eastern Washington.  The comparison included Wenatchee, Walla Walla, Moses Lake and Ellensburg.  The analysis found that Pullman’s mayor and council salaries were in the mid-range among those cities.

The commission unanimously increased councilmembers annual salary in phases from 6,600 dollars to 12,000 dollars starting in 2024.  That will bring Pullman City Council salaries to the top of the analysis with Wenatchee and Walla Walla.

Annual pay for mayor was unanimously increased in phases from 17,000 dollars now to just under 20,000 dollars starting in 2024.  The commission also agreed to add a new stipend for the mayor.  Up to 3,600 dollars a year will be added to the mayor’s pay if the office holder is sitting on boards of government bodies outside the City of Pullman that directly benefit the community.  Those stipend eligible boards for the mayor have to be approved by city council.  The raise will make Pullman’s mayor the highest paid part time mayor among the cities in the comparable analysis.

The City of Pullman’s first Salary Commissioners who were at the meeting are Joe Pitzer who is a local realtor and a Pullman Regional Hospital Commissioner, retired Pullman Police Chief Ted Weatherly, retired City of Pullman Human Resources Manager Karen Sires and Pullman attorney Rob Rembert.  Rembert also works as civil counsel for the hospital and the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport.

Pullman City Council created the Salary Commission last summer.  The mayor’s last raise was 14 years ago while councilmembers last raise was in 2016.