UPDATE: Good Samaritan Injured Was Whitman County Sheriff’s Deputy Cory Alcantar-Colfax Man Pinned Between Two Vehicles While Trying To Help Motorist Get Unstuck From Snow

UPDATE:  Whitman County Sheriff Brett Myers confirms that Deputy Cory Alcantar was the man who was injured.  Deputy Alcantar was off-duty at the time.

A Colfax man was injured when he was pinned between two vehicles while trying to help a motorist get unstuck from the snow.

The Colfax Volunteer Fire Department and Colfax Police were called to the incident around 8:00 Wednesday morning.  Police Chief Bruce Blood says the man was trying to push a jeep that was stuck in the snow at the bottom of Lake Street at the intersection with Wawawai Street.  A woman driving the jeep lost traction at the top of the hill on Lake and slid down the slope.  While the Good Samaritan was trying to free the jeep a pickup lost traction at the top of the hill and slid into the man pinning him between the two vehicles.  Chief Blood says the man driving the pickup was able to pull off the victim freeing him.  The man suffered non-life threatening leg injuries.  He was taken by ambulance to Whitman Hospital and Medical Center for treatment.  Chief Blood says the man in the pickup was ticketed for failing to maintain control of the truck.