Company Apologizes For Causing Whitman County Ballot Errors-Vendor Not Charging County For The Ballots

The private company that Whitman County pays to sort and print the local vote by mail ballots in Washington has apologized for causing the major error during the general election.

About a quarter of the ballots for the Whitman County November election from PMA Direct Marketing included errors.  The Whitman County Auditor’s Office had to send out replacement ballots to about 5,000 voters just days before the election.  Auditor Sandy Jamison asked the Kent Washington company for an apology and requested that the county not be billed for the election services.

PMA has sent Jamison an apology letter and has agreed to not charge the county for the November ballot printing and sorting.  Jamison has released the letter in which PMA takes full responsibility for the mistake.  The company’s investigation found that the error was caused in their quality control department.  PMA says they have fixed the issue to prevent the mistake from happening again.

Jamison says she is still looking at possibly hiring a new vendor to print and sort ballots for Whitman County.