Confusion With Road Construction Signs South Of Pullman-Hour Long Delays Are Not On The Way For US195

Hour long construction delays are not imminent for 25 miles of U.S. Highway 195 in Southern Whitman County.

Construction signs South of Pullman near Johnson Hill are for a Whitman County paving job that doesn’t involve the highway.  The signs are for paving work set for next week for an adjacent county road.  The work will repave 2 and a half miles of Johnson Cutoff Road and Johnson Road between the small community and US195.

The sign announces paving for 2.5 miles which at 60 MPH can easily look like an advisory for 25 miles of paving on the highway.

The county paving job will not disrupt traffic on US195.  The paving on the county roads will only delay traffic for about 20 minutes.