Deary Post Office closed; mail now delivered out of a mail truck

The Deary Post Office was closed within the last week after officials decided the building’s condition was too poor to operate out of. Now, mail is being delivered out of a mail truck in the City’s maintenance shop.

Ernie Swanson, Northern Idaho PIO for the U.S. Postal Service says the mail truck serves as a temporary post office. “It has a customer service window on the side of it. People can go there and pick up your mail and take care of any mailing needs they have”.

The postal service held a public hearing this past week in Deary to propose three options. The first option is to work on the current building and make any repairs necessary, the second is to buy an existing building in Deary that can be converted into a post office, and the third is to bring in a modular unit, which is a large trailer, similar to what they have now.

What the postal service plans to do or how much it will cost is unknown at this time, however we’ll keep you up to date on this developing story.