Democratic Candidate For Whitman County Commissioner Reacts To Longtime Republican Incumbent’s Late Decision To Run After Previously Announcing His Retirement

The Democratic candidate for what was expected to be an open seat for Whitman County Commissioner is reacting to the longtime Republican incumbent’s late decision to run for re-election.

Michael Largent filed for re-election on Friday afternoon on the last day of the candidate filing period in Washington.  Largent announced in January that he was retiring from the board.  His previous challenger John-Mark Mahnkey announced his candidacy for the post this spring.

Mahnkey released this statement on Monday about Largent’s late decision not to retire setting up the challenged race this fall.

Whitman County still remains the most impoverished county in Washington State according to the US Census Bureau. With a poverty rate of 25.4% and thousands more struggling to meet their monthly living expenses, our county needs a commissioner who is ready to tackle these issues.

“I am running because families and residents of Whitman County are struggling to afford a decent life. We need a county government that supports our working families and businesses while giving them opportunities to achieve their goals and dreams.” -John-Mark Mahnkey, candidate for Whitman County Commissioner.

We look forward to a race centered around the issues and needs of our community. We hope Commissioner Largent is open to discussing these issues in the public forum.