Dramatic Video: Colfax Police car gets hit by an SUV

Dramatic video from a police body camera shows a patrol car getting hit head on outside Colfax.  No one was seriously hurt when the driver of a sport utility vehicle crashed into a Colfax Police car on Friday afternoon.  The Whitman County Sheriff’s Office reports that 21 year old Washington State University student Gayathri Krishnamoorthy was trying to turn South onto Colfax Airport Road from State Route 26 when she missed the corner.  Krishnamoorthy reportedly struck a patrol car that was parked on the road.  There was a Colfax officer and a Colfax firefighter in the car working an emphasis patrol as students left Pullman on the last day of the Spring semester.  Krishnamoorthy was cited for driving without a license and for 2nd degree negligent driving.  The patrol car was totaled.