‘End Racism Now’ Mural receives much support for BLM during public hearing

Monday night a Pullman City Council Subcommittee held a public hearing for the ‘End Racism Now’ mural.

Everyone who was on the phone call expressed their overwhelming support for the mural, specifically those for Black Lives Matter.  

Anthony H., who lives in Pullman and spoke at the public hearing, read a letter from a friend of color. In the letter, the man claims two co-workers used racial slurs against him. The man says he had to sign documentation, requiring him to not speak of the matter.

“I know my job is not the only place this occurs, and I think we need to become more aware of this,” Anthony H. read to the subcommittee.

They also heard from Claudia H., a woman of color who says the City Council doesn’t care about Black Lives Matter.

“Black Lives Matter is like a bad word to most of the council members. That is why this process started over because those words were going to be included,” Claudia H. said to the subcommittee.

Claudia says this mural was meant for Black Lives Matter.

Last summer, the local Black Lives Matter group asked City Council for a BLM mural to be painted on Main Street downtown. Council directed the city’s arts commission to come up with an “End Racism Now” mural. 

The commission’s recommendation included a proposed mural design with the words “End Racism Now Black Lives Matter.”

Council decided to restart the project after receiving extensive comments about the proposed design and concerns about how the arts commission recommendation came about.

The city will now conduct a citizen survey to gather further comments on the project.

No word yet on when that may be completed.