Fallen Cougars Presentation in Pullman

May 23, 2024 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
WSU History Department graduate students, Jordan Bergstrom, Kyley Canion-Brewer, and Cassie Crisman will be giving another Fallen Cougars presentation. Under the direction of Dr. Ray Sun, the ongoing Fallen Cougars project assembles information and photos as a way of honoring the war dead of Washington State College (now University).
Each year, students choose a specific Cougar veteran whose story has touched them, and they share their journey of discovery with us.
The mission of the Fallen Cougars project is to digitize information and photos honoring the war dead of Washington State College, beginning with those who fought in World War II.
The project aims to restore to public memory the identities of approximately 250 WSC students and faculty, transforming them from names on a plaque to young men that contemporary WSU students and the public can relate to. The project’s goal is to serve as a scholarly resource, as well as “a means to advance public understanding and appreciation for the service and legacy of these former Cougars in this defining moment of American and world history.
It will be held on May 23rd from 7-8pm in the Freight Room at the Pullman Depot Heritage Center at 330 N Grand Avenue in Pullman.