Fast Response From Leading Edge Aviation Choppers On Fire In Snake River Canyon Leads To Quick Containment

Quick action from helicopter crews on Tuesday kept a fire in the Snake River Canyon in Southern Whitman County from exploding into a massive blaze.

Volunteer Firefighters from Whitman County Fire District 14 out of Colton-Uniontown and Asotin County Fire District 1 from Clarkston were called to the blaze around 3:00.  The fire burned just East of Red Wolf Bridge near the Port of Wilma.  Two choppers from Leading Edge Aviation based at the port quickly started attacking the fire with water drops.  More helicopters from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources joined the aerial attack.  The fire burned about 9 acres and was brought under control in a couple of hours.

Firefighters from Asotin, Clarkston and Lewiston helped fight the flames.  The fire burned in Whitman County Fire District 14.  D14 officials are  thanking the quick response from Leading Edge Aviation and their mutual aid partners in the L/C Valley whose help likely kept the blaze for torching thousands of acres.

A canyon fire nearby last month bunred over 1,200 acres.