Feds Allow Cooperative Bus Agreement Between Pullman Schools & The City To Continue For One More Year

The federal government will allow the City of Pullman and the Pullman School District to cooperate on busing children to school for one more year.

Since 1999 the school district has paid Pullman Transit to bus middle and high school students who live in the city.  The deal requires a waiver from the Federal Transit Administration which bans busing K12 public education students on city buses that use federal funding.

City officials were informed by the feds in January that the waiver would no longer be granted.  The most recent cooperative agreement expired at the end of the last school year.  Officials asked the FTA to grant the waiver for one more year to allow the school district time to prepare for busing city students.  The request was recently granted by the feds allowing the cooperative deal for the upcoming school year.

Starting in the fall of 2023 Pullman Schools will be responsible for busing middle and high school students in the city.  The district has already budgeted the money for purchasing additional buses.  The district will also have to hire more drivers.

The Pullman School District has been paying the city 170,000 dollars a year to bus the students.