Feds Reject Breaching Four Lower Snake River Dams

The federal government wants to keep the Four Lower Snake River Dams in place.

Federal agencies that manage the dams released their Columbia River System Operations Draft Environmental Impact Statement Friday morning.  It rejects dam breaching arguing that such a dramatic approach would destabilize the power grid, increase overall greenhouse emissions and more than double the risk of regional power outages.

The feds were ordered to draft a new EIS by Portland Federal Judge Michael Simon.  Judge Simon required the agencies to consider dam breaching.  Three federal judges have tossed out the previous five plans finding that they don’t do enough to protect salmon.

This new draft EIS is now open for public comment through April 13th.  There will be a public comment meeting in Lewiston on March 17th at 4:00 at the Red Lion Hotel.  The final EIS is expected this Summer.

You can view the Draft EIS here https://www.nwd.usace.army.mil/Media/News-Stories/Article/2097498/federal-agencies-release-columbia-river-system-operations-draft-environmental-i/