UPDATE: State Mobilization Authorized On Riparia Fire South Of LaCrosse

***********UPDATE***********State Route 127 South of Dusty near Big Alkali Creek Road is closed in both directions until further notice because of the Riparia Fire.


************UPDATE**************State mobilization has been authorized to fight this fire.  Fire crews from around Washington are being called in to help battle the flames.  The blaze is between Riparia and Central Ferry on the North side of the Snake River in Whitman County.  The blaze is now estimated at about 3,000 acres and is growing.  Homes, crops, railroad and critical infrastructure are threatened.  State mobilization was authorized at 10:00 tonight.  The request was made by Whitman County Fire District 8 Chief JB Broeckel out of LaCrosse.  The fire started around 4:30.  According to state officials, some residents near the fire have been told to evacuate while others have been warned to be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice.  The fire has been named the Riparia Fire.


**********UPDATE: Some residents in the Pullman-Moscow area accidentally received an emergency alert about this fire. The blaze is about 30 miles West of Pullman and there is no threat to the Pullman-Moscow communities.*************


Firefighters from every volunteer fire department in Whitman County have been called to a large wildfire burning South of Hay.

The blaze started around 4:00 on Thursday afternoon.  Whitman County Emergency Manager Bill Tensfeld reports that the fire is burning out of control and has grown to a couple thousand acres and is moving East.  The blaze is burning in the canyons along the North side of the Snake River near Riparia.  The fire is approaching Central Ferry on the Snake and State Route 127.  The flames are also torching ag ground of both standing grain and stubble as harvest has begun in that portion of the Palouse.  Tensfeld has asked officials in Olympia to authorize state mobilization for the fire.  If that’s approved it would bring in firefighting crews from around Washington.  Residents near the blaze have been warned to be prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice.  The fire is burning in Whitman County Fire District 8 based out of LaCrosse.  A City of Pullman Fire Department crew has also been sent to the blaze.  Initial reports indicate that the blaze may have started as a combine fire.