Gap In Cross State John Wayne Trail Fixed In Eastern WA

Another gap in the John Wayne Trail that crosses the State of Washington has been resolved in Eastern Washington.

The Washington State Parks Department has reached a deal with a private landowner in Adams County.  The agreement will allow trail users to cross Cow Creek and avoid a 19-mile road detour between Ralston and Marengo.  The new 5-mile Cow Creek Trestle Bypass will be open seasonally between March and October.  The bypass road is on a private cattle ranch.  Trail users need to stay on the path and close the gates behind them and avoid the cows.

The John Wayne Trail is the old Milwaukee Railroad that stretches 285 miles across Washington.  The state parks department manages 250 miles of the old rail line as a path which is also called the Palouse to Cascades Trail.

The old Cow Creek Trestle was 100 feet high and 1,400 feet long and was removed in the early 80’s.