Gritman Medical Center In Moscow Provides Details Of Preparations For Possible Coronavirus Surge

Gritman Medical Center in Moscow has announced details of its plan to respond to a coronavirus surge if it occurs locally.  Gritman has been working closely with the University of Idaho to prepare in the event a surge of infectious patients exceeds the hospital’s capacity.

Gritman is a licensed 25-bed Critical Access Hospital.  The Moscow hospital is ready to convert rooms to expand up to 43 patient rooms.

If a surge occurs off-site locations have been identified for patients who may require isolation or lower levels of care as they recover from illness.  That will help prevent the hospital from being overwhelmed.

A former University of Idaho dorm is ready to go.  It’s been cleaned, all utilities have been checked and prepared to safely stage and care for infected community members in a confined area that protects the rest of campus.  Other residential areas of the UI campus have been identified as well for isolation care of students.  Off-site health care locations are not needed at this time

Gritman officials are reminding citizens to do their part and follow the stay home orders in Idaho and Washington.  That helps ensure the hospital will have equipment, protective gear and staff to effectively care for patients.  Hospital officials say following the stay home order is critical to flattening the curve.