Gritman Medical Center Ramps Up Coronavirus Response To Deal With Increase In Local Cases

Gritman Medical Center in Moscow is ramping up its coronavirus response to deal with the recent increase in local cases.  The hospital is working with local, regional, and Idaho officials in response to the recent doubling of cases in Latah County in less than a week.

Gritman is requiring people who think they may have the coronavirus to call their primary healthcare provider or a clinic first to be evaluated for testing.  The hospital has established a drive-through coronavirus testing site at the Martin Wellness Center on West Palouse River Drive.  The center is open weekdays from 8:00 to 4:00.  All coronavirus testing will be done at the center.  Testing requires a doctor’s order.

Gritman is conducting 2 types of tests.  Staff are testing for coronavirus with nasal swabs.  The hospital has already conducted over 1,400 of these types of tests.  Gritman is also conducting antibody tests which involves a blood draw.  That test can indicate if a person has previously been exposed to coronavirus.  The antibody test also requires a doctor’s order.  Gritman physicians point out that the presence of antibodies in someone’s system doesn’t guarantee immunity.  The Moscow hospital is prioritizing the coronavirus test over the antibody test.