Harvest Production Up Significantly From Last Year

As expected this year’s cool wet spring is leading to high crop production this summer.  The National Agricultural Statistics Service has released its final crop production forecast as harvest is underway on the Palouse.

Washington winter wheat production is nearly double last year’s harvest at 129 million bushels.  Washington growers are getting 72 bushels an acre statewide which is up from 42 bushels an acre in 2021.  Idaho winter wheat is expected to produce 66 million bushels which is up 44% from 2021.  Idaho growers should get 91 bushels an acre on winter wheat up 20 bushels from last year.

Washington growers are expected to produce 25 million bushels of spring wheat which is up 55% from last year with a yield of 54 bushels an acre.  Idaho spring wheat is predicted to produce 42 million bushels up 38% from 2021 at 94 bushels an acre up 31 bushels from 2021.

Washington barley production is forecast to come in at nearly 6 million bushels more than doubling last year’s harvest at 77 bushels an acre statewide.  Idaho barley should produce 53 million bushels up 22% from last year at nearly 100 bushels an acre statewide.

The only outlier is garbanzo beans which growers planted less of this year.  Washington’s garb harvest is expected to be down 22% from 2021 due to a drop in acreage as the yield is predicted to about the same as last year’s.  It’s a similar story in Idaho with garb production predicted to drop 13% driven by fewer acres of the crop with a yield slightly higher than 2021.

Last year’s harvest came in well below average due to poor growing conditions caused by the long hot dry summer in 2021.