High-speed fiber-optic internet now live in Tekoa

The Port of Whitman County recently announced that high-speed fiber-optic network is now available in Tekoa.  

The network enables “Gig-speed” or Gigabit fiber internet and phone services for the first time in the city. It’s the same service that recently went live in Garfield on November 1st. This is all a part of a five-city partnership between the Port of Whitman County and Ziply Fiber to build fiber internet.

The final network build in the county – in Oakesdale – is currently under construction and scheduled to launch next month.

The Port said residents and businesses will benefit from significant speed, capacity, and reliability upgrades that fiber internet provides when making video calls, uploading, and downloading content and streaming entertainment. 

Construction of the new fiber network was supported by the Washington Community Economic Revitalization Board, which was formed in 1982.