Jersey Barriers & Bike Lane To Be Removed From This Summer’s Downtown Pullman Test Project

This Summer’s test of angled parking in downtown Pullman will be adjusted after concerns were raised by city council members Tuesday night.

The city has installed back-in angled parking, a bike lane, and reduced traffic to 2 lanes on Main Street.  This Summer’s temporary changes are meant to test the ideas to see what might encourage more visitors to downtown Pullman.

Pullman City Councilman Al Sorensen brought up the issue during Tuesday night’s meeting noting that many drivers are having a hard time safely using the back-in angled parking.  Jersey barriers separate the spaces from a temporary bike lane on Main Street.  Sorensen points out that the city’s downtown master plan calls for that bike lane to be installed on the other side of Main off the street.  He also says the jersey barriers take up too much room forcing some parked vehicles to stick out into traffic.

Other council members agreed with Sorensen’s concerns.  Council directed city staff to remove the jersey barriers and the bike lane for the rest of the downtown test project.  The temporary changes are set to run through September.