Legal Review Determines Levies For Pullman Area Volunteer Fire Department Passed-Minimum Voter Turnout Not Required

The commissioners for the Pullman-area volunteer fire department have determined that their levies did pass this Spring.

Whitman County Fire District 12 officials initially believed the levies failed because of insufficient voter turnout.  Volunteers say the Whitman County Auditor’s Office informed them that the levies required simple majority approval and a voter turnout threshold had to be met for passage.

District 12’s attorney has since advised that the department’s levies didn’t require a minimum voter turnout for passage.  The volunteer department’s commissioners approved a resolution during their meeting this week approving the vote and passing the levies.

District 12’s fire levy passed with 77% of the vote while the volunteers’ EMS levy passed with 75% approval.  The vote by mail election for residents outside Pullman was conducted in April.

The property tax levies generate about 400,000 dollars annually for the volunteer department that serves the area around the City of Pullman.