Loss of federal money has Palouse’s only homeless shelter scrambling to stay open past June 1st

A loss in federal funding is forcing the likely shutdown of the Palouse’s only homeless shelter.  Sojourners’ Alliance in Moscow learned this week that their 100,000 dollar annual federal grant will end after this month.  Officials at the shelter were informed last Fall that a reprioritization of the money through US Housing and Urban Development was going to end the funding.  But they weren’t expecting that to happen until next year.  Sojourners’ Executive Director Steve Bonnar says the first priority is to try and come up with funds to stay open through the Summer.  If that is successful officials will then look at trying to permanently raise the lost dollars to keep the shelter open long term.  Sojourners’ is currently housing 30 people and as it stands right now they will be homeless come June 1st.  The loss of HUD money accounts for about a third of Sojourners’ budget which is specifically for administrative and management costs.  Bonnar says the doors can’t stay open without that allocation which has been granted for 19 years.