Malden man convicted of killing 2 people will likely not face new charges from latest violent felony allegations

     The 2-time convicted killer living in Malden who was arrested on new violent felony allegations will not be charged at this time.  49 year old Bobby Bilderback was arrested on Sunday by the Whitman County Sheriff’s Office.  Bilderback was taken into custody on a variety of charges including rape, assault and kidnapping involving a male victim.  The man reported the allegations to the sheriff’s office on Sunday claiming the violent criminal acts occurred last week inside Bilderback’s home.  The alleged victim has now stopped cooperating with deputies.  Whitman County Prosecutor Denis Tracy, in a statement issued Wednesday, says that without the man’s assistance the case can’t be pursued at this time.  The sheriff’s office is still investigating. 

     This is not the first time that one of Bilderback’s surviving victims stopped talking with investigators.  Last year he was arrested on a potential 3rd felony strike, life in prison charge of felony assault.  Bilderback was convicted on a lesser charge for threatening a man with a gun.  The 3rd strike felony had to be dropped when authorities were unable to locate Bilderback’s victim. 

     Bilderback’s violent criminal history began when he was 17 with a 1st degree murder conviction in Chelan County in 1987.  He spent 20 years in prison for his first killing.  In 2013 he was convicted of controlled substance homicide for killing Malden teenager Donavin Stapert.  Bilderback was released from prison in late 2016 before being arrested in the gun threat case.  He was sentenced to 13 months in prison in April of last year and was released from prison early by the Washington Department of Corrections last November. 

     Bilderback is now out of jail after posting 25,000 dollars bond on Tuesday night.  Tracy notes that he can still charge Bildberback on new counts in the future.