Men Accused Of Trying To Cash Forged Check At Pullman Bank Plead Guilty

The men accused of trying to cash a forged check at a bank in Pullman have pleaded guilty.

36 year old David Feeder of Spokane and 35 year old Brunshay Miller of Atlanta entered into plea agreements with the Whitman County Prosecutor’s Office on Friday.  Feeder and Miller were arrested by Pullman Police on April 18th after they tried to cash a forged check at Umpqua Bank.

Feeder pleaded guilty to felony forgery for trying to cash the forged check for over 3,000 dollars.  He was sentenced to a year of probation and ordered to undergo drug treatment.  Feeder has been in jail for 10 days since his arrest.

Miller was found with the forged check and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft.  He was placed on probation for two years after spending 7 days in jail following his arrest.  Miller told the court that he has been living and working in the area.

The sentences were handed down by Whitman County Superior Court Judge Gary Libey.  Judge Libey followed the sentencing recommendations that were agreed to by both the prosecutor’s office and the defense attorneys.

LEFT: David Feeder RIGHT: Brunshay Miller Pleading Guilty Friday