Mini Dozer Built By WSU Students Returns To Pullman After Decades Of Work In The Midwest

A mini bulldozer designed and built by Washington State University students decades ago is back in Pullman.

WSU Agricultural Technology and Production Management Program students built the mini dozer in the 1960s.  The dozer is less than 5 feet long with a blade under 4 feet wide.  It was built as a teaching tool allowing students to learn the fundamentals of hydraulics and mechanics.  The mini dozer is started by a hand crank and is powered by a 9-horsepower single cylinder engine.  The tracks were made out of railroad spike plates.

The mini dozer was likely sold after it was built and ended up in the Midwest.  Over the years it was used for farm work and dug basements under existing homes.  It hasn’t been run for decades.  A family in Illinois ended up with the machine and recently gave the mini dozer back to WSU.

Pullman-based contractor Fred Wexler recently hauled it back to campus.  WSU AgTM students will overhaul the one-ton custom made mini dozer and paint it crimson and gray.  Officials hope to feature the dozer at campus events and fairs.

WSU wants to hear from alumni who built the mini dozer back in the 60’s.