Moscow Attorney Representing UI Student Allegedly Assaulted By Vandal Football Player Calls For Accountability

UPDATE:  University of Idaho Spokeswoman Jodi Walker responded to our request for comment on this story.  Here is that statement.

The university is aware of an off-campus, after-hours incident at a private residence on Feb. 10 that was reportedly violent in nature. We are disappointed violence seems to have been chosen and our thoughts go out to Tim Reed and his family. This would fall into a criminal realm and the jurisdiction of the Moscow Police Department. Students believed to have been involved have been contacted and asked to participate in a university investigation, related to potential violations of the Student Code of Conduct or any other policy violations. The university cannot force students to participate, but encourages anyone with information to contact the Office of Civil Rights and Investigations. We will continue to look into this incident and the information provided by those participating in the investigation. Any time the safety of any of our students comes into question, we are deeply concerned and work to understand the facts and take action accordingly. We have faith in the Moscow Police Department to follow their processes of investigation.

ORIGINAL STORY:  The attorney representing the University of Idaho student who was reportedly assaulted by a Vandal football player is calling for accountability from the institution.

Moscow attorney Tim Gresback issued a statement to the media Wednesday on behalf of his client senior Timmy Reed of Weiser.  Gresback detailed allegations from the February 10th incident at Reed’s off campus apartment.  Reed was going to host a party with his Beta Theta Pi fraternity roommates when a large crowd of up to 60 students arrived uninvited.  Gresback says some in the crowd were wearing face masks and carrying PVC pipes.  He believes that many in the crowd were Vandal football players.  When Reed asked the crowd to leave, a football player allegedly sucker punched him causing Reed to fall and hit his head.  He was knocked unconscious, suffered a concussion, broke his nose and received a black eye.  Reed was treated at a Moscow clinic.  Gresback showed the media images of the injuries.

Gresback also denied claims that the attack was a response to racial insults that were directed at the crowd.  He also noted that it was a white football player who allegedly punched Reed.

Gresback is calling on the University of Idaho for accountability and for a change in Vandal football to rid the program of its “toxic, out of control, cavalier culture that tolerates violence but lacks leadership.”

Gresback is also asking for anyone with information about the incident to contact Moscow Police.  He says it’s possible that the crowd was motivated by an altercation the week before between one of Reed’s fraternity brothers and a football player.  Gresback says Reed had nothing to do with that “tussle.”

Moscow Police are still actively investigating the incident and are waiting for some search warrants to be returned before they send the case to the Latah County Prosecutor’s Office or the Moscow City Attorney’s Office depending on if it is a possible felony or misdemeanor case.

Gresback demanded that the UI respond to his statement by May 3rd.  Requests for comment from UI media spokespeople haven’t been returned.

The statement also noted that the Reed’s have raised thousands of dollars for UI football scholarships over the years.  Gresback didn’t take any questions from reporters.