Moscow Police Investigating Hoax Suicide Call

The Moscow Police Department is trying to identify a man who allegedly made a hoax threat to commit suicide at a home in town Friday morning.

Officers received a call around 4:30 from the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline saying that a man was claiming to be armed and suicidal at an unknown location in Moscow.  The man eventually told police negotiators that he was at a home on E Street.  Negotiators could then hear gunfire on the phone call but didn’t hear gunfire coming from the home where the man claimed to be.

The man only identified himself by first name which he changed during the call and he was using an internet-based phone number which can’t be located using GPS.  Officers eventually entered the home and confirmed the man wasn’t there.

The caller then reportedly mocked the officers over the phone and challenged Moscow Police to charge him for the hoax.  He allegedly told police he was in Canada.  Moscow Police later learned that the Veterans Suicide Hotline has received similar hoax calls in the past from a man using the same name.  Veterans Hotline staff believe the suspect is calling from the Boise area.

Moscow Police Chief James Fry confirms that his nationally-recognized Computer Forensic Detective Eric Kjorness is trying to identify the suspect for potential criminal charges.