Moscow-Pullman Daily News Report: Whitman County Undersheriff Charged With Domestic Violence Assault

The Whitman County undersheriff has been charged with domestic violence assault.

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News reports that Ron Rockness has been charged with felony 2nd degree domestic violence assault in Whitman County Superior Court.  The paper reports that Rockness allegedly broke a woman’s finger during an argument at her home in Rosalia.  The alleged incident occurred on December 12th.  Whitman County Sheriff Brett Myers tells Pullman Radio News that Rockness was placed on paid administrative leave the next day.  The Clarkston Police Department investigated the case for the sheriff’s office.  The Asotin County Prosecutor’s Office is pursuing the charge for the Whitman County Prosecutor’s Office.  Those entities are handling the case to avoid possible conflict of interest.

The daily news reports that the injury occurred when Rockness reportedly grabbed a purse from the woman and the strap became entangled on her fingers.  The paper’s story says court documents show the woman did not believe that Rockness intended to injure her, but was trying to intimidate her by taking her purse.

Rockness has not been arrested.  He is scheduled to make an initial appearance in Whitman County Superior Court in Colfax on Friday.