New more fish friendly turbine unveiled at Ice Harbor Dam on the Lower Snake River

A new multi-million dollar turbine designed to be more fish friendly has been unveiled at one of the four Lower Snake River Dams.  The US Army Corps of Engineers says the high tech design should increase survival rates for the juvenile salmon and steelhead that out-migrate through the powerhouse.  The two new turbines for Ice Harbor Dam near Pasco should be in place in about a year.  Officials also believe the new design will generate up to four percent more power.  The entire project is costing the Bonneville Power Administration nearly 60 million dollars which also includes fish passageway improvements at the dam.  The new high tech turbines may eventually be installed at the other Lower Snake River Dams.  The corps says less than ten percent of out-migrating salmon and steelhead pass through the turbines, most are directed over the dams through the spillways.