New Strategy Tries To Shorten Pullman High School Sports Pause To One Week Depending On Coronavirus Test Results

Pullman School District and local public health officials have changed their stance and will try to resume high school sports activities on Tuesday.

On Tuesday night this week Superintendent Dr. Bob Maxwell informed families of student athletes in an email that Pullman High School and Lincoln Middle School sports were on pause for two weeks due to coronavirus protocols.  The two week pause followed a recommendation from Whitman County Public Health because of increasing cases among student athletes and close contacts with people who had tested positive.

Pullman High School Athletics Director Wendy Kruger announced a strategy to try and shorten the pause in an email to coaches that was sent out on Thursday afternoon.  Kruger says that public health has changed its recommendation to pause Pullman Schools sports from 14 days down to a possible 7 days.

Under the new plan student athletes will be tested on Tuesday.  Those test results will confirm if a sport can resume activities immediately.  Kruger has also informed her coaches that they have agreed to evaluate athletics on a team-by-team basis to avoid pausing all Pullman High School athletics.

The suspension of Pullman School District sports effects PHS boys and girls basketball, wrestling, swim and cheer and Lincoln Middle School girls basketball and wrestling.