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1. BINGO CARD:  Listeners may download bingo card from Alternatively, printed bingo cards are available at the Pullman Radio main office during modified business hours (10am-2pm M-F). However, due to the COVID-19 situation, the office may not be open at all times. Please phone (509) 332-6551 ahead to arrange pickup.

2.   TO PLAY:  Participant must order at least $20 worth of food at any participating restaurant. Save your receipt(s) and clip to the bingo card.

3.    TO WIN:  When you have collected qualifying receipts from at least 5 participating restaurants to complete a single row in any direction, please notify Pullman Radio by telephone (509-332-6551) or email ( and we will arrange a time for you to turn in your completed bingo card and receipts at the Pullman Radio business office, 1101 Old Wawawai Road, Pullman, WA, 99163. NOTE: completed bingo cards and receipts become the property of Pullman Radio. When we have received your card and receipts, we will award you a gift card worth between $10-20 valid at a participating restaurant, subject to Rule #4 below.

4. GIFT CARDS: There will be eighty-five (85) gift cards available to be awarded during the FOODIE BINGO contest. The specific gift card awarded to any winner is solely at the discretion of Pullman Radio, based on availability as follows:

a. $20 gift cards will be awarded first, until supply is depleted; then,

b. $15 gift cards will be awarded until supply is depleted; finally,

c. $10 gift cards will be awarded until supply is depleted.

5. CONTEST DATES: The Pullman Radio Foodie Bingo contest begins on May 10, 2020 and ends the earlier of July 31, 2020 or when all available gift cards have been awarded.

6. PARTICIPANTS:  The only participating restaurants are those listed on the Pullman Radio Foodie Bingo card. The “Player’s Choice” squares may be filled by making a $20 minimum purchase at any participating restaurant of the player’s choice. Pullman Radio reserves the right to add participants during the course of the promotion and update the bingo card accordingly. However, any official Foodie Bingo Card will be accepted by Pullman Radio, provided the conditions above have been met.

Pullman Radio reserves the right to amend or update the terms and conditions of the Foodie Bingo promotion without prior notice. Open to all local residents 16 years of age and older, subject to availability.