Palouse Country Candy & Gelato ($12.50 value)


Two Large Gelatos from Palouse Country Candy and Gelato, $12.50 value (save $4.50!)

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Pullman’s only specialty sweet shop, PALOUSE COUNTRY CANDY is known for its wonderful handmade gourmet chocolates, truffles, caramels, nuts, and more, plus a lavish assortment of gummies, ribbons, licorice, and hard candies, along with regional favorites, such as Bruttles, Spokandy, Chukar Cherries, and Robinson Soft Brittle, to name just a few.

Now Palouse Country Candy is proud to offer you Villa Dolce GELATO treats! Choose from sixteen different flavors that rotate throughout the year, including zesty Lemon Sorbetto, Piemonte Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch, Blood Orange, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Italian Espresso, Authentic Spumone, and nine other tempting flavors!

With this Deal Zone certificate, you get TWO LARGE GELATO CUPS, a $12.50 value!  Enjoy one yourself and share the other with a friend! You’ll love Villa Dolce Gelato!

Find it hard to choose just one flavor? Order a split and enjoy two flavors side-by-side in the same cup.

VALUE $12.50  (Limit one certificate per customer and transaction.)

PALOUSE COUNTRY CANDY | 105 N. Grand | Pullman, WA | (509) 334-0600