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Maximize performance in your sports car or road warrior with TriboTEX.  TriboTEX helps reduce emissions, enhances reliability, improves fuel economy and has been proven to REVERSE WEAR. Local scientists developed amazing nanotechnology that received funding and awards from National Science Foundation, DOD and NASA. Anisotropic nanoflakes in TriboTEX have two sides one that binds and one that slide. Sticky side reinforces and strengthen the surface while slippery reduces friction. And when particles build up they compensate for the wear accumulated for years!   TriboTEX is easy to use.  Simply warm up your engine, add TriboTEX to the engine oil and let idle for 15 minutes.  The nanoparticles will fully activate after about 500 miles of driving. For more information visit online at

This certificate is good for one tube of Tribo TEX valued at $99.00.

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