Prosecutor’s Up Charges To 1st Degree Murder Against Pullman Man Accused Of Killing His Estranged Wife

The Whitman County Prosecutor’s Office has ramped up the charges against the 36 year old Pullman man accused of killing his estranged wife.

Jacob Spray is now charged with 1st degree murder, 1st degree rape and attempted 1st degree arson in Whitman County Superior Court.  Judge Gary Libey accepted the increased charges and Spray pleaded not guilty to the counts during his new arraignment Tuesday morning.

Spray was initially arrested for 2nd degree murder on March 26th for strangling and killing 25 year old Jamie Spray inside the camper trailer she was living in on Military Hill.  Pullman Police investigators also found evidence that Spray tried to burn down the trailer after he allegedly killed Jamie on the afternoon of the 26th.

New court documents to support the upgrade to premeditated 1st degree murder reveals a key piece of evidence since Spray’s arrest.  Detectives now believe that Jacob had a camera hidden in Jamie’s trailer that he removed two days before the killing.  The rape charge has been added as police say Jacob sexually assaulted Jamie before the murder.  Pullman Police also found the key to Jamie’s trailer in the backyard of a home next door to Jacob’s residence.

Jacob was arrested after he allegedly called his father and told him that he just killed Jamie.  A witness saw a man matching Jacob’s description and vehicle at Jamie’s trailer at the time of the killing.

Spray hasn’t waived his right to a speedy trial.  His trial is scheduled to start on July 29th.  If convicted he could spend life in prison.  First degree murder includes a higher standard range for sentencing compared to 2nd degree murder.

Jacob Spray During Arraignment June 18