Pullman Area And Albion Voters To Consider Annexation Into Pullman Regional Hospital District And Paying Entity’s Property Taxes

Voters around the City of Pullman including Albion will decide if they want to be annexed into the Pullman Regional Hospital District and begin paying the entity’s property taxes.

The PRH taxing district is currently the same as the Pullman city limits.  Only property owners in the City of Pullman are currently paying taxes to the hospital.

The hospital commissioners placed the annexation issue on the ballot after voters in Pullman rejected their hospital expansion bond measure twice in 2019.  If approved the measure would extend the PRH taxing district out to the Pullman School District boundaries annexing unincorporated property outside of the city along with the Town of Albion.

Only the roughly 1,600 voters living outside the City of Pullman inside the Pullman School District will decide if they want to be annexed and pay the additional hospital taxes.

If approved those property owners would pay 30 cents per thousand dollars of assessed value to the hospital’s annual levy.  The hospital tax levy on a 300,000 dollar Pullman area home would be 90 dollars annually.

The PRH Commissioners failed to mention the tax increase that comes with annexation in the ballot language that they approved in July.

The issue will be decided during the November 2nd vote by mail election.  Those ballots are being sent out Friday.