Pullman City Council Asked To Spend Nearly $150K To “Jump” Meeting Broadcasts To High Definition

Pullman City Council is being asked to spend nearly 150,000 dollars to upgrade the audio-visual system in its chambers.  Council will consider the purchase during its meeting Tuesday night.

City staff is recommending that council buy the system from Avidex Industries LLC.  According to the agenda, staff says the new system will improve the quality of council meeting broadcasts.  The new system “jumps” Pullman City Council meetings from Standard Definition to High Definition.  It would improve the sound of council meeting broadcasts by moving to a higher fidelity.  The system includes push to talk microphones and allows for easier uploads to YouTube.

The City of Pullman is facing a budget shortfall of up to 7 million dollars for the current fiscal year.

Pullman City Council will consider buying the new system during its meeting on Tuesday night at 7:00.  You can watch the meeting in its current Standard Definition online here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mSMT9rAda4

A/V Agenda Item